• Child Study: A type of Professional Development (PD) in which a team gathers to decide on interventions to support the development of a student. Every month each primary classroom chooses a child to do Child Study on. Each meeting follows the same order and someone volunteers to be a timekeeper so we stay on course.
    1. Background information on the child and defining any difficulties they are having, for example, frequent emotional outbursts, social anxiety, easily distracted.
    2. Decide on a trackable goal, for example, the child will express when they are sad and ask for a break, the child will complete 3 works each morning.
    3. Ask clarifying questions for example, what interventions have already been attempted?
    4. Propose interventions, for example, headphones to focus, scheduled 1 on 1 time to encourage speaking.
    5. Set a date to progress monitor and possibly change the intervention or the goal.
  • Child Study Team: Staff members who conduct Child Study meetings.
    • The Primary Child Study Team consists of all Primary Guides, Morning Assistants and Joyce, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
    • The Lower Elementary Child Study Team consists of all Lower Elementary Guides, Assistants and Tosha, the Director of Child Study. Our Support Specialists Gina and Lisbet alternate attending each Child Study meeting.

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